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Neck Pain in Las Vegas, NV

What is neck pain?

Neck pain affects around 14% of the population every year. It’s more common in older people, women, those who work in mentally or physically stressful jobs, and current smokers.

There are various types of neck pain, but the most common is facet-mediated pain. The facet joints are small joints in your spine that link the vertebrae and limit how far your neck can rotate or extend. Arthritis can affect the facet joints and cause neck pain.

Other common neck pain causes include:

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Cervical stenosis
  • Whiplash injuries

You might injure your neck in an accident at work or in your car. Playing sports and exercising can cause neck injuries, or you might hurt yourself doing everyday activities. You can even get pain from sleeping with your neck bent. The Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas team recommends that you don’t let neck pain linger as it could get worse.

What other problems can neck pain cause?

A common problem with neck pain is radiculopathy, which involves the pinching or compression of spinal nerves. Cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerves in your neck) can cause symptoms like numbness, tingling or “pins-and-needles” sensations, and feelings like prickling and burning.

The pain cervical radiculopathy causes and these other unpleasant sensations can radiate down your arms and may even reach your hands.

To diagnose your neck pain, the Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas team conducts a physical exam and reviews your medical history. They also perform tests that pinpoint the source of your pain. The tests they use include NeuralScan and the TM-Flow System. These tests locate any nerve dysfunction as well as problems with your vascular system.

How is neck pain treated?

Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas offers a comprehensive range of treatments for neck pain. They typically begin with the least invasive options, including physical therapy, ice and heat, activity modification (avoiding painful activities), and interventions like therapeutic ultrasound or cooled radiofrequency therapy.

The team also has great success with their cutting-edge RST-Sanexas neoGEN® electric cell signaling treatment. If your neck pain persists, other therapies available at Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas include:

  • Steroid-free epidural injections
  • Transforaminal epidural nerve root blocks
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Posterior epidural stimulation
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)
  • Trigger point injections
  • Medtronic pain pump

Patients generally find they need little or no prescription medication for their neck pain with these treatments. Furthermore, patients who’ve been told they need surgeries like spinal fusion for their neck pain often experience relief without undergoing invasive procedures.

To find out more about the advanced neck pain treatments available at Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas, call our office at (702) 323-5671 or book an appointment online!

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