Patient Testimonials from Neuropathy and Pain Centers of America in Las Vegas, NV

These testimonials are based on real patient experiences. Your experience may vary. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a medical professional before making any important decisions about your health

I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis in 2005 after seeing my GP in 2005 for severe back pain. An MRI confirmed it, as well as revealing that over half my thoracic and lumbar vertebrae were involved. During the following nine years, I bounced from pain clinic to pain clinic, getting opioids but not much else. After trying various pain med, steroid shots, physical therapy, and vertical fusion, all with zero success, my husband found Dr. Odell online and I booked any appointment. He prescribed an RFA, or Radiofrequency Ablation, which worked very well until the nerves regenerated about six months later. No matter; I get RFA’s semi-annually, after which I am able to significantly reduce my opioid consumption. An added bonus: Dr. Odell and his staff are very responsive, easy to talk to and unfailingly professional.


“I would like to thank Dr. Odell and his staff. When I went into this office, I was in terrible pain in my back and hip. I couldn’t walk, sleep or sit. A friend recommended Dr. Odell and I went there. The staff and doctor were so nice. They treated me like family. I went in on 8/21-18 and finished up on 9-27-18 and now my pain is gone. I’m so thankful for these great people. Service is great and so nice. P.S. My husband thanks you, too. Now, he can live with me again. HaHa!!”

J. FR.

“I am Dr. Raja Mehdi, medical oncologist and founder of Hope Cancer Care of Nevada. I received my medical degree from Aga Khan University Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan. I completed my residency in Internal Medical as Chief Resident at Case Western Reserve University at St. Vincent Hospital in Cleveland, OH and went on to practice for more than five years at Comprehensive Cancer Center at St. Francis Hospital in Topeka, KS. In 2009 I started Hope Cancer Care of Nevada to develop more effective methods to treat cancer patients by focusing on the entire individual.

Unfortunately most chemotherapy produces severe side effects such as chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. This common nerve disorder can cause weakness, numbness, tingling and severe pain to the point that many of our chemotherapy patients would rather discontinue their treatment protocol because their neuropathy condition becomes excruciating and intolerable. We refer our patients to Robert Odell, MD, PhD, founder of Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas and co-developer of the neuropathy protocol. As a practicing pain management physician, Dr. Odell has extensive experience with a wide range of non-interventional and interventional acute and chronic pain management techniques. The majority of the patients we referred to Dr. Odell were able to finish their chemotherapy regimen and wean off of medications for neuropathy.

Referring our patients to Dr. Odell’s clinic has been a blessing. My advice is to “start the dialogue with your oncologist on seeking treatment for this side effect. When breast cancer patients are receiving chemotherapy, neuropathy is gonna happen. Don’t wait until you get neuropathy. Most patients minimize the side effects because they are dealing with so much. Be proactive and seek a way of controlling the neuropathy now before it gets too bad.”


Raja S. Mehdi, MD,

Board-Certified Medical Oncologist

“I would like to take this time to thank Dr Odell for his patience and compassion. Dr Odell and the Neuropathy and Pain Center of Nevada, literally saved my life. I had developed diabetic neuropathy over the years but it was always something I could handle. While living in Montana, however, I got bitten by a brown recluse spider. I lost one third of my right foot but they managed to save the leg. After surgery the nerve pain began to increase and soon it was affecting both legs. It became unbearable and my doctor talked me into pain medication. After two years I was taking a ridiculous amount of meds and I still had trouble controlling my pain.

I moved back to Nevada in extreme depression, hooked on opioids, with no quality of life. I talked to my family and let them know I loved them but enough was enough and since I had exhausted all my options, I decided to take my own life. As I was hanging up the phone to make the last call, to my parents I saw something on TV that caught my attention. It was Dr. Odell talking about his pain management breakthrough. Instead of calling my folks with horrible news, I called the pain center. They had an appointment set up for me within the week.

When the day arrived I was barely able to make it across the small parking lot. I was leaning heavily on my Walker and each step was a new explosion of pain. But, I did make it and I was evaluated for my best treatment options. Now fast forward two years. I had expressed the need to get off the opiods, they were causing depression. I was off the drugs in 6 months thanks to the support and encouragement of Barabra Ruscingo and to the treatments I had started. By the of the year I was walking without even the use of my cane. My pain was in control and I was able to return to the work I love, organizing and filing for non profits for people who were starting their own charities. I was able to get on my surfboard again and when the day came that I could walk into the ocean and jump waves without pain I cried. I was even able to go back to sky diving.

Now, today, I have been asked to do a search and rescue exhibition for the group I worked with for fifty years. Thanks to the staff, the treatments, and Dr Odell, I accepted the challenge. I know my treatments will make my retraining something I can do without fear of my pain being out of control. So in eighteen months I will jump out of an airplane, land in a lake, swim two miles, help the rescue dog to assist our “drowning” victim and reverse repell into the helicopter. I could not have accepted this challenge without my neuropathy families support and caring treatment.

There is no way for me to thank Dr Odell and his kind staff. How do you repay someone for giving you your life back? The unique treatment equipment, combined with other treatment options, have made life not just bearable, it has made life joyful.

After trying everything I gave up, then an angel made me aware of the one treatment that can actually make neuropathy bearable and even unnoticeable on many days!”

Jennie Britton

With undying gratitude,

“Dr. Odell and his staff are warm and friendly. They are flexible with your schedule and always willing to work with you. As for Doc himself it’s clear that he cares about his patients. Everyone remembers you by name. I came to his clinic for treatment for neuropathy caused by lupus and I have seen major improvement. I was really skeptical when I came in but I have seen the results myself. My pain is down to the point where I am taking half of my Lyrica dosage and have restored movement in my leg. I have referred him to everyone I know with neuropathy and am now seeing him for managing my daily non neuropathy related pain as well. I cannot thank Dr. Odell and his staff enough!”


“Very good with advice on progress and any failures. After trying 3 other medical treatment centers, I selected Dr. Odell’s program. I was very satisfied with the treatment I received at Dr. Odell’s office. The staff was very helpful. Thank you Dr. Odell.”


“I had over 40 years of neuropathic pain after I retired from the Marine Corps. I visited over 40 doctors, acupuncturist, surgeons, tried holistic medicine and took all sorts of treatments, etc. and nothing worked.

Then Dr. Odell came on the scene and everything changed. I have tingling in my feet. Everyone has been great! I highly recommend Dr. Odell and his clinic.”


“A whole new world… At the end of my rope and hooked on the max amount of opioids, I had decided to give up. This is not living, it is not even surviving. Then I saw a commercial on TV. End Pain! Neuropathy pain. I called the number. Fast forward 4 months and here I am. Living! Enjoying my life! Opioid free. Something I never thought would happen. Dr. Odell and his wonderful staff have changed my life! I am me again, doing the things I love again. Thank you Dr. Odell and his angels.”


“The staff at Dr Odell’s office I have to say is one of the kindest and most considerate medical staffs I have encountered in my life. I know there is quite a bit of positive feedback from other patients regarding the same thing, and this is an additional confirmation of my experience. They work hard to get you in without a long wait and are always willing to take the time to listen. I cannot thank Dr. Odell and his staff enough for the accommodation they have offered me while I worked through some tough situations with insurance, etc. and their willingness to help me continue to pursue a better quality of life. I wish there was more that I could do to show my appreciation than a survey, but it’s the least I could do. Thanks you!”


“I am very pleased with the service that I get from the doctor’s and the staff.”


“Dr. Odell got rid of my hip and back pain. I could not sleep, walk or sleep without being in terrible pain. A month later, I am doing great with no pain in my hip or back. I would highly recommend seeing Dr Odell.”


“My experience was very good for my first visit. Barbara was very kind, listened and provided feedback.”


“Saw ad on YouTube on interview with a Vet. Liked what I heard so I’m giving it a try. So far, so good! First impressions are very good.”