Pain-Free Advisor - June 2018

As a young boy growing up, my Dad was a big influ- ence on my life. He was a man of honor, discipline, strong beliefs, and dedication. In 1943, he was an All American football player, won the Maxwell Award, and was runner-up for the Heisman Trophy. He was the Head Foot- ball Coach at Bucknell University, University of Pennsylvania, and Wil- liams College. He got the Bucknell job in 1957 over Joe Paterno, Chuck Knox, and 170 other people! In 1992 he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. He was honored over the years by many football organizations and the men he coached for being an outstanding play- er, an extremely successful coach, and for his exem- plary character. In spite of his many hon- ors, the things that made me the most proud of my Dad were his integrity and decency when dealing with people. As a coach, Dad knew how to create success through discipline, dedi- cation, and strong belief in one’s self with a bunch of young men playing a competitive sport. He brought those qual- ities home for me to learn and grow from. He also emphasized hard work and he had a strong work ethic, which he instilled in me. He never tried to Pain- O F L A S V E G A S T h e F u t u r e I s N o w a n d P a i n C e n t e r s Neuropathy Happy Father’s Day Volume 1, Issue 5 | June 2018 ADVISOR A few words from Dr. Odell... CONTINUED ON BACK June 2018 702-257-7246 (PAIN) The source of chronic pain is often not easy to determine. It may be from previous surgeries, illnesses, accidents, or even in- jury to nerves, causing false pain signals that feel real (neuropa- thy). This is why treatment should be tailored to the needs, desires, circumstances and outcomes for each patient. Neuromodulation Therapy for Chronic Peripheral Nerve Pain The StimRouter™ Neuro- modulation System is the only implantable neuromodulation device indicated for pain man- agement in adults with severe intractable chronic pain of pe- ripheral nerve origin, excluding the craniofacial region. A one-time minimally inva- sive lead implant procedure targets pain at its precise origin, controlled by you (the patient). There is no implanted pulse gen- erator because the StimRouter™ external pulse transmitter (EPT) resides outside your body. The implantable lead delivers low-level electrical impulses di- rectly to the site of the pain. The StimRouter™ EPT delivers neu- romuscular electrical field stim- ulation through the electrode patch to the implanted lead. The Patient Programmer is a small, handheld device that wirelessly controls the external pulse transmitter. It allows you to monitor and manage your stimulation pro- grams and level of stimulation intensity. The Patient Program- mer also tracks compliance and usage and is capable of storing up to 8 custom stimulation pro- grams. The advantages of the Stim- Router™ are that it is a highly versatile implant which can tar- get multiple peripheral nerves. It also minimizes surgical and post-surgical complications as well as minimizes recovery time and scarring. It is less expensive than more invasive treatments and targets the precise area of pain. Neuromodulation therapy for pain management Advanced Pain Treatments Dr. Odell with his father, Robert Harper Odell, at Dr. Odell's wedding in 1997.