Pain-Free Advisor - December 2018

Pain- O F L A S V E G A S T h e F u t u r e I s N o w a n d P a i n C e n t e r s Neuropathy Volume 1, Issue 11 | December ADVISOR December 2018 702-257-7246 (PAIN) Consider your options before undergoing sur- gery, especially joint re- placement (knee, hip, shoulder). Recent stud- ies have shown involving 1700 patients found that the surgery they had did not provide lasting pain relief or improve function for most of them. Fewer than 15% of pa- tients felt improvement in pain and function for only 3 months after the procedure and then their results disappeared and they were back to feeling pain and experiencing less function. Besides, surgery is risky and can lead to other problems; i.e. infections. There are some things YOU can do to help keep you out of the surgeon’s office. In the November Pain Free Advisor, we talked about Osteoarthritis and how you can help yourself to manage the pain and keep your mobility. The biggest “Ahhh Haaa” recom- mendation in many of the research papers is you must keep moving! In fact, The New York Times re- ported that “One of the biggest mis- takes people make with (joint pain) is to limit movement of the affected joint, which leads to stiffness and weakness that only makes matters work. 1 ” So, what’s the answer es- pecially when you are suf- fering from aches, pain and stiffness and moving is the last thing you want to do. When surgery may not be necessary 1. Jane E. Brody (Sept 19, 2016). Don’t take OA Lying Down. The New York Times What to do 1. Try to stay active with light exercise or strength training. 2. Lose weight. 3. Use heat and cold to relieve painful symp- toms. 4. Take over the counter medication or apply pain relief creams. 5. Avoid surgery and make an appointment to see DR. ODELL for a prescribed course of treatments. Short Term Treatments, Long Term Results! Call 702-257-7246 (PAIN) 8084 W. Sahara Ave. Suite B., Las Vegas, NV 89117 Please note: Your comments and feedbacare welcomed. Please note: Your comments and feedback are welcomed. TESTIMONIAL  “I would like to thank Dr. Odell and his staff. When I went into this office, I was in terrible pain in my back and hip. I couldn’t walk, sleep or sit. A friend recommended Dr. Odell and I went there. The staff and doctor were so nice. They treated me like family. I went in on 8-21-18 and finished up on 9-27-18 and now my pain is gone. I’m so thankful for these great people. Ser- vice is great and so nice. P.S. My husband thanks you, too. Now he can live with me again. HaHa!!” J.FR.