Pain-Free Advisor - August 2018

As a medical student, I often won- dered why people got ill, why some got chronic pain and/or why some people were healthy. The mechanisms of the pathophysiology of pain are complex and often poorly understood; this is now in the forefront of the quest for the knowledge of how and why does some- one get chronic pain while another per- son does not. The Western medicine concept of “have a symptom…here is a pill” has caused physicians to “paper over” symptoms with pain medications, all of which have side effects. I never liked that approach and have always tried to minimize the pills I prescribe to patients. Narcotics should always only be uti- lized as a last resort for chronic pain conditions. For acute or temporary pain, narcotics are a blessing because they work with your own endorphin sys- tem to alleviate pain. Taken chronically; however, they have not only many side effects (for example; threatening respi- ratory depression) but they also actually have the biological capability of enhanc- ing pain. A previously little known concept, termed opioid induced hyperalgesia, is in addition to the natural effects of habituation where opioid receptors in- ALL ABOARD!!! If you haven’t noticed, Dr. Odell has quite a few model trains displayed on the walls and framed pictures of trains hanging throughout the clinic. Several of the trains in his office are replicas of turn of the century passenger cars and narrow gauge steam engines The model hanging in the clinic area is a dual purpose logging and passen- ger train powered by a White Pass & Yukon steam engine (see photo). His passion for trains started as a young child in the 1950s. His grandmother lived in Narberth, PA., close to the 4 main line tracks of the Pennsylvania Railroad mainline to Philadelphia. He’d go through a neigh- bor’s backyard just to watch the trains roll through; ie, steam and deisel engines, even GG1’s made by Gener- al Electric. His grandfather and uncle also influenced his passion with an inside display of Lionel train set up and run- ning during Christmas time. He was hooked! As an adult, he started collecting G-gauge model trains in the 1980s that could operate in an out- door setting. From 2001 his extensive collection of over 35 engines, mostly American but some German trains, are running throughout his back- yard placed in a garden-like setting. It’s always a work in process with making me- chanical improvements and adding to the surrounding layout. Today his hobby is shared with over 100 members of the Las Vegas Garden Rail- road Society, a club inter- ested in G-gauge modeling railroads outside. Garden railroad modeling is a challenge due to the elements, such as wind, rain, and heat. He and his wife Suzanne have four yellow Labrador retrievers, three of them are rescues. The newset addition, Shiloh, a one year old puppy who has created a whole host of why-did-the pup- py-chew on that situations. However, Shiloh and his buddies Harley, Sunday and Molly, are problems he loves having. Pain- O F L A S V E G A S T h e F u t u r e I s N o w a n d P a i n C e n t e r s Neuropathy Dr. Odell shares his passion for trains Volume 1, Issue 7 | August 2018 ADVISOR CONTINUED ON BACK August 2018 702-257-7246 (PAIN) “ I used to chase women when I was single; but now I just chase trains. I get in a lot less trouble. ” � Dr. Robert Odell Dr. Robert Odell poses beside a replica of a White Pass & Yukon steam engine located in his clinic. To see how amazing his garden railroad is, you can watch and listen Dr. Robert Odell on his All About Trains video at : Click on the “Our Physi- cian” tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Then click on the All About Trains Youtube video which is about three minutes long.