Pain-Free Advisor - April 2018

Pain- O F L A S V E G A S T h e F u t u r e I s N o w a n d P a i n C e n t e r s Neuropathy I feel honored that you trust me to treat your chronic pain. Together, we will seek to lessen the painful conditions that many of you have endured for a long time and search for treatments that reduce your suffering. The source or cause of your chronic pain is unique to each individual so that’s why we tailor your treatment protocol to your spe- cific needs and circumstances. The “pain generator” in chronic pain is not always easy to determine. It is our goal to locate the source of your pain and treat it instead of prescribing you drugs that only mask the pain. Of course, some of you may need pre- scribed drugs; but our intentions are to wean you off of addictive and harmful medications so that you can live a more productive and healthier life every day and for years to come. Many of our patients are now living with less pain and improved function, or in some cases, eliminated or decreased the need to take narcotic medications. My entire staff and I take great pride in suc- cessfully treating a broad spectrum of debil- itating conditions and are happy to see your chronic pain improve. Thank you for choos- ing me as your doctor and Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas as your pain clinic. What is neuropathy and how did I get it? Volume 1, Issue 3 | April 2018 “ With the new day comes NEW STRENGTHS and new thoughts . ” � Eleanor Roosevelt ADVISOR A few words from Dr. Odell... Neuropathy is a condition in which the peripheral nerves (the nerves in your body, aside from your spinal cord and brain) are damaged and/or not working correctly. Approximately 25 million Americans (about 8% of the population) are affected by periph- eral neuropathy. Diabetes is the leading cause of peripheral neuropathy but there can be many other causes including trauma (partially or com- pletely severing a peripheral nerve), some chemotherapy drugs, alcohol, heavy metal and toxic chemicals exposure like Agent Orange and there are about 30% that are idiopathic (no known cause). Neuropathy pain is characterized by pain and numbness in the feet, hands, and/lower legs, balance problems and a variety of other sensations. For some, it may feel like you are walking on hot coals. For others, it is a stabbing or stinging pain in the middle of the night or during the day. Regardless of the symptoms, it can be quite debilitating and may require the aid of canes or walkers in order to get around. How is our clinic different? Dr. Odell and Dr. Sorgnard have developed a safe and effective treatment for patients who suffer from all forms of neuropathy. This highly advanced electro-medical device is called SANEXAS. It operates with such a high degree of sophistication that nerves are not able to accommodate to the signals, or “learn” and regress. Many of you may have heard of a “TENS” device. Dr. Odell says comparing our SANEXAS ma- chine to a “TENS” is like comparing an MRI to an x-ray. You are getting the BEST machine to treat your neuropathy with the SANEXAS device. It directly signals all nerve cells with electronic impulses instead of smothering themwith drugs. This technique enables the nerve cells to heal in a majority of cases, allowing the nerves to re-grow. In addition, it reduces inflammation and increases circulation. When will I start feeling results? Everyone is different and may experience different results. Although treatment is a process which must be done over weeks/ months (recommend 2-3 days/week), many of our patients with over 10 years of suffer- ing from neuropathy have enjoyed signifi- cant improvements. Many have discontin- ued use of walking aids, stopped taking pain medications, started sleeping better, began meaningful exercise, and improved their quality of life. Treating pain while reducing the need for narcotics The challenges to treating chronic pain have recently been dramatically increased due to the opioid and prescription drug epidemic. A patient undergoes treatment for neuropathy using a SANEXAS machine. CONTINUED ON BACK Short Term Treatments, Long Term Results! Call 702-257-7246 (PAIN) 8084 W. Sahara Ave. Suite B., Las Vegas, NV 89117 2557 Wigwam Pkwy. Henderson, NV 89074 (Inside Wellness Institute of Nevada www.nvpa inre April 2018 702-257-7246 (PAIN)