Meet Our Doctors at Neuropathy and Pain Centers of America in Las Vegas, NV

Our professional health care providers at Neuropathy and Pain Centers of America provide patients with Knee, Spine, Back, and Joint Pain Treatments. Other Services Include Neuropathy, and Personal Injury. Call Us for More Information or Schedule an Appointment Online.

Neuropathy and Pain Centers of America is a pain management treatment clinic in Las Vegas that provides unparalleled and dramatically successful results for patients suffering from chronic pain of all kinds; back, neck, spine, joint pain, neuropathy, headaches and other pain-related conditions. We offer a variety of treatments using traditional, advanced and regenerative techniques to help provide effective and compassionate pain management. Our goal is to help restore your lifestyle as pain-free as possible.

We understand the impact of pain on your life. We are dedicated to manage your pain by effectively focusing on traditional, interventional and regenerative techniques and electric cell signaling physical therapy treatments (EST) to achieve that goal. We determine the source of your pain and recommend treatments to interrupt the transmission of pain signals. We work with you to formulate a treatment plan that best fits your needs by reducing or eliminating your pain, decreasing your need for medication, and helping you avoid surgery.